A captive power plant also called auto producer or embedded generation is a power generation facility used and managed by an industrial or commercial energy user for their own energy consumption. Captive power plants can operate off-grid or they can be connected to the electric grid to exchange excess generation, as is the case with us.

Captive power plants are generally used by power-intensive industries where continuity and quality of energy supply are crucial, such as aluminum smelters, steel plants, chemical industries etc.

Salient Features:

  • Five numbers of waste heat recovery boilers (1 X 55 TPH, 4 X 12 TPH capacity) connected to Coal Based Rotary Kilns producing DRI
  • Supplemented by 1 X 90 TPH AFBC Boiler
  • 30 MW Steam Turbine at 64 kg/cm2 steam pressure and temperature of 490 Deg.C
  • 220 KV Switchyard is provided for evacuation of power to the MSETCL.
  • The Necessary pollution control equipment along with hardware has been considered to monitor and meet the norms prescribed by Pollution Control Board.
  • Annually 210 million units (210 MU) will be generated by this state of art Power Plant.

Benefits of captive power plants

  • Security of power supply through self-generation
  • Reduced costs through high fuel efficiency, particularly when in CHP configuration
  • Improved environmental performance resulting from fuel efficiency

Lloyds has expanded their Captive Power plant by installing waste heat recovery based 30 MW Co-generation / Captive Power Plant at Ghugus, Dist: Chandrapur, Maharashtra State in the year 2010 using waste heat from Kiln off gases being generated from the kilns while manufacturing Sponge Iron. The Waste Heat Recovery Boilers and AFBC Boiler are supplied by Engineering Division of Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd, Murbad. The unit is well equipped with all necessary sophisticated Pollution Control Devices to ensure pollution free Environment in the surroundings.

Presently the Captive Thermal Power Plant has a generation capacity of 30 MW, provides the entire electric power requirement of our own Sponge Iron plant at Ghugus.

Approx 65 % out of 30 MW of Power is generated from waste heat of Kiln Flue Gases which is presently unutilized and therefore the fuel consumption for generating 30 MW power would be substantially lower thereby making the unit eco friendly. The company shall be getting CDM benefits for this carbon saving project on waste heat based electricity generation.

The location of captive thermal power plant at one of the biggest Sponge Iron manufactures in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra is also strategic to the availability and supply of coal from nearby Coalfields.