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Lloyds Metals and Energy Ltd., possess Certificates of ISO - 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001:2008 certified company, formerly Lloyds Metals and Engineers Ltd. is one of those private sector units in this important industry in India. Lloyds Metals & Engineers Ltd. (LMEL) was incorporated under company’s Act, 1956 on 5th April 1977 as a Private Sector Company in the name of Nagarjuna Metals and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. The company was converted to a Public Company on 9th September, 1986, however the name of this company was changed to Lloyds Metals and Engineers Ltd on 5th January, 1990 and to the latest company name as Lloyds Metals and Energy Ltd. from 25th April 2011.

LMEL has further gone for expansion by installing waste heat recovery based 30 MW Co-generation Captive Power Plant in the year 2010 using waste heat from Kiln off gasses being generated from the kilns while manufacturing Sponge Iron. The Waste Heat Recovery Boilers and AFBC (Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion) Boiler were supplied by Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd, Murbad. This helps us towards our goal of a greener and cleaner world.
Besides the above steps taken towards being environmentally friendly, the entire facility is well equipped with all necessary sophisticated Pollution Control Devices to ensure pollution free Environment in the surroundings.

The basic raw material inputs are Iron ore, Non-Coking Coal and Dolomite/ Limestone.

For raw material security and as a captive source of iron ore for the sponge iron plant, the Company has successfully been allotted a mining lease at Surjagarh Iron Ore Mine (Wooria Hills) over an area of 348.09 ha situated at Village-Surjagarh, Etapalli Taluka in the Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra State. The Mining lease deed was executed on 3rd of May, 2007 for 20 years and the Government of Maharashtra has granted approval for a further extension of 30 years. This will help secure the company from rising input costs from elsewhere, and work towards an even more profitable operation and expansion.

Presently we are doing iron ore mining process in Gadchiroli by open cast method at Surjagarh (Wooria Hills) for captive generation of Hematite iron ore. This is the biggest operating iron ore mine in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra.

LMEL has Iron ore beneficiation plant at the following village: Kondsari, Tahsil: Chamorshi, District Gadchiroli (Maharashtra)